In addition to the high quality shampoos and conditioners we use, our hydrosurge bath system and drying techniques to provide for a cleaner pet and a high quality haircut.

Some of the services we offer include:

  • Full service cat grooming
  • Nail trim and file
  • Skin treatments for itchy, dry and/or flaking skin
  • Flea and tick treatments
  • Hand stripping
  • Dematting
  • Treatments to reduce shedding
  • Teeth brushing
  • Nail polish application
  • Hair dye
  • Hypo allergenic grooming
  • Anal sack assessment
  • Dental assessment

Grooming process

Grooming always includes regardless of whether your pet gets “just” a bath or a full hair cut; nails trimmed and filed, ears cleaned and flushed, anal sack’s expressed, tear-less shampoo is always used on your pets sensitive face, their body is bathed (using Les Pooch vitamin enriched shampoo and re-moisturizer, with our bathing system), then hand dried (not left to dry crumpled in a kennel), scissor finished (if a full hair cut) and finished off with a bandanna or a bow and a fragrance of your choice.

*Hypo allergenic grooming is available with products that have no dyes or fragrances for sensitive pets or owners.


Our deep-cleansing hydro-massage bathing system gently and efficiently removes loose hair, dead skin and dirt. Finger-like projections of water penetrate deep into the base of your pets fur, cleansing and lifting debris and loosening packed coats. Which results in a cleaner pet and removing more hair than hand washing alone. The invigorating whirlpool jet action also provides a great massage that your pet will love.


Ear protection

Happy Hoodie’s are used during the drying process on all of our furry clients to protect their delicate ears. Happy Hoodie is a soft, expandable, fabric band with gentle compression that relieves anxiety and calms dogs during stressful situations. Happy Hoodie calms and protects your pet from the loud noise and high-pressured air associated with force drying in the grooming salon. It proved to be so effective at relieving anxiety that it is now used to help calm upset pets under many situations, whether it’s at the grooming salon or at home.

Our Products:

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All pets ears are cleaned and flushed with Douxo Micellaire ear solution for cats & dogs.

– A very mild hypoallergenic solution with phytosphingosine HCL, a natural component of the epidermis which plays a key role in the building and maintenance of the ears defense barrier.  Duoxo Micellaire Solution is particularly suited for the hygiene of sensitive ears or ears prone to excess ear wax production.




Madra Mór Mud blends fine medicinal clay, rich in silica, potassium, zinc, magnesium, calcium, with some of Mother Natures finest. As Madra Mór Mud detoxifies your dog’s skin, it removes dirt, oils and other toxins, through an ionic exchange, and the dead skin cells are replaced with nourishing minerals with soothing relief, boosting your pet’s ability to fight infections, dry skin, and other irritations that can lead to canine dermatitis. The minerals in the clay stimulate localized skin responses in your dog that promote healing and tissue regeneration, enhance immunity, and help destroy bacteria that can contribute to yeast growth and odors.

Madra Mór Mud is premixed with nourishing beneficial ingredients to form a creamy luxurious mud bath that provides a gentle, deep clean without suds, lather or bubbles!

Soothing Mud, an all-natural hot spot dog treatment for irritated, itchy, blemished skin, is loaded with antioxidants and astringent ingredients to promote healing and comfort.Flea Relief Mud, a toxin free, chemical-free, detergent free way to get rid of parasites, while also fortifying and hydrating the skin! Excellent way to fight yeast and parasites, an overall healthy dog mud bath treatment. Shed Safely Mud, is a dry skin care mixture that removes loose fur, releases undercoat, and unclogs hair follicles. Mobility Mud, is cold pain relief that relieves sore muscles and achy joints from exercise, arthritis, hip/elbow dyspepsia, and other afflictions.


We only use the best products for your pets, investing in higher quality products produces better results, such as healthier skin and coat as well as a groom that lasts longer. All our products are pH balanced for pets and are vitamin and nutrient rich from our tear-less shampoo to our cream rinses and hypo allergenic shampoos.

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Les Pooch Vitamin Enriched Shampoo. Formulated with a blend of Pro-Vitamin B5, Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, this deep penetrating shampoo nourishes your dog’s coat from the hair’s root for healthy, silky-smooth, and shiny coats. It brings out the coat’s natural pigment and holds a nice, fresh scent for weeks.

cremeCombining state-of-the-art time-release technology with ancient botanical extract therapy, Les Pooch has developed a luxurious formula that nourishes skin and coats. Les Pooch Micro-Encapsulated Crème Rinse contains the calming natural extracts of Royal Jelly, Sea Kelp, Evening Primrose, Apricot and Swiss Chamomile, along with silk proteins and Pro-Vitamin B5. This custom blend heals skin ailments and improves manageability, sheen and texture.